Roachgo – Cockroach Herbal Gel Pest Control Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Anti Cockroach Gel – 40+40 Gms Tube)

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Roachgo – Cockroach Killer Gel Pest Control (Anti Cockroach Gel – 40 Gms Tube)

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Cockroaches are probably the worst household pests one can have to deal with as they come in search of food and hide themselves well enough to not be seen until a good population is present in your home. They hide in shelves, cabinets, drains, within kitchen appliances, in electrical control boxes and wherever else they see fit. They can also contaminate food left out, which can cause several diseases in human beings. It’s thus very important to conduct cockroach pest control to make sure you get rid of your cockroach infestation at the earliest stages.

Roachgo is best Cockroach Killer Herbal Gel/ Paste. Apply Roachgo gel amply behind and under the following: stove, refrigerators, sinks, washing machine, water pipe, sewers, manholes, electrical conduit, corners of cabinet, closets, Remove drawers from cabinets, apply freely into corners of drawer walls. Reapply every 40 to 50 Days. Remove excess gel and dispose into garbage. Best Cockroach Killer Gel at low Cost.


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53 Reviews For This Product

  1. 53

    by S Aafreen (verified owner)

    Nice Product to get rid of cockroaches.
    Delivered in few days.

  2. 53

    by rsingh (verified owner)

    Best Cockroach Killer Herbal Gel/ Paste. Apply Roachgo gel amply behind and under where are cockroaches.

  3. 53

    by Raj Thakur

    Product Quality is very good, but delivery is little slow.

  4. 53

    by R Jaiswal

    Nice product…kill about 70 cockroaches in one night only…Only 01 tube is sufficient for this… Being natural pesticide I preferred the same as I have a toddler…

  5. 53

    by Debashis Dey

    The best pest control I have done so far. All cockroaches eliminated in 4-5 days. I will sure buy again if required and recommend this product to others.

  6. 53

    by A buyer

    I bought this product for the 3rd time as it is very effective for cockroaches. No fuzz in application and also it is ecofriendly and nonpoisonous to humans.
    Its one time use is easily effective for at least 4 months.

  7. 53

    by Vikram J

    Its beyond my expectations. There used to be so many cockroaches happuly running around all over the kitchen when the house is locked for more than 5 hours. No matter day or night. The small ones arw a pian away. After using this once i dont have any roaches. So relieved. Doesnt have any smell either. Thanks Payzao

  8. 53

    by Nivedita R

    I applied this everywhere and within 3 days all the cockroaches are vanished.. it works like magic, just loved it.
    You will need 1 entire tube to apply it on every corner of 2b + 2t house.
    Will definitely order again.
    One person found this helpful

  9. 53

    by Gayathri Ravindran

    This is an amazing product. Maintaining modular kitchen insect free was a bit challenging tried many insect killing sprays but the result was not good. Now my kitchen is cockroach free because of roachgo herbal roach free gel. No harmful chemicals. Thanks Payzao and Roachgo Herbal Cockroach Gel

  10. 53

    by Sudarsan.C.N

    Excellent product – must buy if you need a natural and 100% result guaranteed solution. Forgot about hit/mortein etc . which contain harmful chemicals. Buy this without a second thought!

  11. 53

    by Deb Chatterjee

    Awesome product. Was able to get rid of all cockroaches in the house. Plus point is that it is a herbal product with no risks of using it inside the house.

  12. 53

    by ArpitJha

    Awesome product, got rid of the roach problem in my house from day 1.

    • by admin

      Dear Arpit,
      Thanks for your 5 Star Review for our Product “Roachgo – Cockroach Herbal Gel Pest Control”.

  13. 53

    by Shravni Satwe

    It served it’s purpose ..And basically it’s herbal..So even health wise also no problem..
    I used it before 2 month..Still no cockroach.

  14. 53

    by Payzao User

    Excellent… It works… Appreciate my decision to buy this product.

  15. 53

    by S R

    Works good Thanks Roachgo Herbal Gel and Payzao

  16. 53

    by Nirvish Kumar

    Very good product. Was not sure how it will work but after using the cockroaches vanished.

  17. 53

    by Govind J

    It really works. Thanks Payzao and Roachgo Herbal Cockroach Gel

  18. 53

    by Giridhar H S

    100% helpful

  19. 53

    by ramana s

    Kills the pest

  20. 53


    Super product. There is no cockroach in my house within 2 days after using the product. Thanks Payzao and Roachgo Herbal Pest Gel

  21. 53

    by dattatray

    Better product thanks

  22. 53

    by Vidhya

    Very gooooood item. Must try
    Wonder of wondered item. Good on 😃☺️

  23. 53

    by Payzao User

    Wondering product, all cockroach vanished in one week

  24. 53

    by Pinkesh Mewada

    Found all dead cockroach in the morning. Good product Roachgo Herbal Gel. Thanks

  25. 53

    by Ruby Haider

    very good product all the cockroaches died or gone I am very happy with this product and also recommended for those who are worried about cockroaches

  26. 53

    by Lohit Naik

    Roachgo Herbal Gel itself says …Nothing can sustain in front of me..So do it happened..All cockroach vanished in a day..Just apply the gel at right place ..

  27. 53

    by Ankita Panda

    very good product roachgo cockroach herbal gel

  28. 53

    by A Jain

    Excellent product and good result

  29. 53

    by Madhu Malsoor K

    Very good product it’s working

  30. 53

    by Hareesh Naik Sugali

    very effective.

  31. 53

    by Pankaj R

    Good product with a single drop you can see the change great work. Thank you very much payzao and the seller of roachgo herbal gel

  32. 53

    by Chaurasia S

    This product is amazing. Put some drops near their place and found them dead the next day. A must buy.

  33. 53

    by Meenakshi Birhman

    Very effictive all cockroach vanished with single use now i can breath that my kitchen is safe otherwise cockroach were used to play in my whole home go for it no doubt very useful product thanks payzao and roachgo herbal gel

  34. 53

    by Ramani Gottimukkala

    Perfect cocroche killer

  35. 53

    by Ramray Dharwadkar

    Roachgo Cockroach Herbal Gel is a Very powerful product now our house is cockroach free

  36. 53

    by Santhana Krishnan

    It works. 👍

  37. 53

    by Vasanthi

    Product is very good. 90%cockroaches died effective for two months must buy.

  38. 53

    by Santosh Kadam

    Good product

  39. 53

    by AJITH


  40. 53

    by Huma nNzami

    very good product other than hit is hate because very hard roachgo is very good buy it. cockroach early morning death

  41. 53

    by Arjuman Banu

    Good👍👍👍👍but try to deliver fast.

  42. 53

    by Chhitarmal jevariya

    very good product

  43. 53

    by Biju Nair

    guys this product worked for me. I put few drops in kitchen, some in living room and bedroom.
    Next day cockroaches simply vanished. So if you got cockroach issue, go for this product because it definitely worked for me might work for you too. thanks roachgo herbal cockroach gel

  44. 53

    by Vik J

    At first i was having doubt so i ordered 1 tube quantity. But it works with efficiency.

  45. 53

    by Devidas Palekar

    Very nice

  46. 53

    by Sujeet Y

    Small cockroaches die easily. Haven’t seen any big cockroach dead. But happy with it.
    Thanks Payzao for Roachgo Herbal Gel Product.

  47. 53

    by Manisha Surange

    Very Effective! Very happy with the results. Coackroaches have vanished. A big thanks to the company!

  48. 53

    by Pritam Bate

    good product 5 star rating

  49. 53

    by Salma Jhojha


  50. 53

    by Rashmi Sengar

    Excellent product.

  51. 53

    by pragati mathur

    product is no doubt very effective…. but i received two packets due to some confusion,..nd they did not returned…

  52. 53

    by Rajesh Jaiswal

    This product is very good, on the first day nearly 15 cockroaches died, next day 10, I hope that this product would end the menace. thank you payzao and roachgo cockroach gel.

  53. 53

    by Ramakrishna S

    Best cockroach gel I ever used for my home and office. I Recommend this because it is herbal gel.

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General Inquiries

3 Inquiries

  1. September 9, 2020

    How to use

    Apply 1-2 dots/ drop of gel near cockroach infected area.

  2. August 31, 2020

    I have tried Getout tube, Morten, Hit etc, and small bottle of gel, all home remedies but no effect on cockroaches. Please tell me how is your product is effective than all above.

    Dear Deepak,

    We sell more than 200 products daily.

    We have many customers who refer new customers after using this product.

    Our product quality reflects the positive reviews that our customers give after use, and the best thing is that this product is herbal.

    May I tell you that I also use this product at my home.

    You can try it easily with an order.

    We thank you for this inquiry.

    Payzao - India's Shopping Portal

  3. July 19, 2020

    will it eliminates the cockroach nest?

    The Nest will be left abundant as all cockroaches and due to Domino effect after the other effected with this Gel Die, they Die

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Roachgo – Cockroach Herbal Gel Pest Control Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Anti Cockroach Gel - 40+40 Gms Tube)

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